• RP Contractor offers a comprehensive range of Construction, maintenance.  The
    company is staffed with experienced professionals whose primary focus is to
    ensure that the business goals of our customers are met in a safe, timely and cost-
    efficient manner.

  • Whether grassroots construction, revamp or upgrade, RP Contractor’s team is
    capable of assisting customers in practically all types of processes for the refining,
    petrochemical, chemical, power, and processing industries.
Regardless of the size of the project, RP Contractor provides seamless integration of the
many industrial services & trades required to provide a complete functional product.  

    We are also do turnaround, shutdown, and turnkey specialists.
Special services provided
Zirconium 702 & 705 Fabrication and Fastener production.

RP Contractor started producing ZR parts and fasteners due to our own need
for a reliable supplier for weldmets and fasteners, see our Zirconium page for a
more thorough explination of our capabilities.
RP Contractor, Inc.